• "What a Great product. The OPTI Aura LED projector is consistent in performance and quality. Great output, excellent efficacy, dims well and is well built and designed for use at any angle anywhere. It is great for home use and also for me to take to parties to add that extra WOW factor!"

    LucyNation Lighting

  • "We placed the Aura above Isabella’s crib and she is mesmerised by the effect from the Aura projector. I would definitely recommend the Aura to new mums to help soothe their babies. The Aura can also be easily moved to the sitting room so the adults can relax and enjoy the effect too!"

    Mary, mother to Isabella, Age 7 months

  • "We love how silent the projector is , the magnetic wheels are easy to use and Connor loves changing the effects himself. There is nothing negative to say about this projector!"

    Zoe, mother to Connor Age 15

  • "We have a lot of lighting products, but we haven’t used our Mathmos projector since acquiring the Aura . The Aura is great and Kiera loves looking at the colourful bright effect"

    Michele, mother to Keira, Age 5

  • "The Aura is excellent value for money; we are really impressed! The easy to change effects produce a ‘wow’ factor. In the day we use it to stimulate Yasmin’s eyes and at night we use it to calm down at the end of the day"

    Hazel, a member of Wednesday Special Needs Club and mother of Yasmine, Age 2 and ½

  • "My children really love the Aura. It is simple to use and is perfect for playtime."

    Becky, a supporter of Autistica and mother of two

  • "The Aura projector is easy to use and has a calming effect on Jacob at bedtime. Previously he was up and down saying he couldn’t sleep and ‘his brain wouldn’t switch off’ now he asks for the Aura to be put on when he goes to bed. I would definitely recommend the product to friends with Autism"

    Michelle, a member of the Daisy Chain Project and mother to Jacob, Age 7